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Interfaith Poems

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It is my great pleasure to present you my poems of inter-faith essence. All of these poems can be found on and some of them have won 1st prizes there in the competition. One of the poems titled "The Religion" got published on the very first page of THE INTERNATIONAL WHO IS WHO IN POETRY, a hard-cover, over 250 pages, book published by International Library of Poetry, USA. Another poem of mine titled "Our Father" was a winner in the poetry competition on and got published in TIMELESS VOICES, another Collection of International Poetry Book by International Library of Poetry, USA. Another poem of mine titled "The Coming Generation" has appeared on the website of U.N.O.

I hope you like these efforts of mine:

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The Religion
GOD is very kind to human beings

He sent prophets to show the right path

Adam was the first of the chain of prophets

No prophet falsified his ancients

It is proved that

There is no opposition amongst the prophets

All of them came for betterment of humanity

There is no concept of change of religion

Religion is one and the same from the very beginning

However,prophets came in different ages

For rectification and completion of religion

Don't be opponent to each other

As there is no opposition

Amongst the prophets

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

Our Father
Moses, Christ, and Mohammad

Peace be upon them

They are the sons of Abraham

Peace be upon him

Abraham is our father

Fast friend of God Almighty

Trust in God, trust in God

This is the will of Abraham

He is the leader of the people

This is written in Book of God

Abraham is our father

Please remember dear brother

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Coming Generation
Peoples of the present world

Think and think again

Don't deceive and disappoint

your coming generation

This world is not only for you

It belongs to your coming generation also

You will not be present in future

Leaving the world in the hands of new generation

Don't destroy this world

With the flames of war

Otherwise your coming generation

Will not be happy and thankful to you

It is your duty to build a new world

For your coming generation

As a matter of fact and principle

You are indebted for the same.

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Creator of Soul
O mortal human being!

Your pride on existence is not right

Why are you hesitant to adore GOD ALMIGHTY

Is it difficult to believe in

An unseen GOD?

You can't see Him with the mortal eyes

Your sight is not reliable everywhere

What is the soul?

You are unable to see it but can't deny

You believe in the soul

But what about the Creator of soul?

Can you make something like the earth

On which you live and die

Can you create a fly,an ant or a leaf?

You are unable to understand and surround

The knowledge of GOD ALMIGHTY

Except that He wants to disclose to you

He gives life to His creatures

And maintains system of the universe

Indeed,He is the most Superior

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Creator & Supporter of All
The beautiful melody of the nightingales

The tasteful food,fruits and vegetables

The pleasant weather,mornings and evenings

Who has provided in this world for us?

All of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Indeed,all of them are gifted by the God Almighty

See the trains,cars,trucks and buses

These are,no doubt,manufactured by you

But Who has given and provided

Iron,steel and other material to you?

All of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Indeed,all of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Have you any thing in this world?

Which has not been created or given by God

Think again and answer my question

Who gives away these things generously?

All of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Indeed,all of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

GOD,the Creator 
He is the Greatest,the Most Superior
He is the Holder of all Grandeur
Having all the Great Creator

He is Merciful to us forever
There is an Ocean of Divine favor
No doubt,He is Elevated Creator
None is equal, none is peer

He has endless love for creatures
He is the Lord, He is the Master
We are subjects, He is the Emperor
For the universe He is the Ruler

Phool, the poet is abject with errors
Praying for His Mercy forever
(Tanwir Phool)

The Chief

Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) is the Chief

Of all creatures

He (p.b.u.h.) is the last

Messenger of God

None is capable and worthy

Even to untie

Thongs of his sandals

He (p.b.u.h.) is mightier than

His immediate predecessors

Who were subdued

By their enemies

Even at this

He (p.b.u.h.) is a slave

Of God Almighty

All the universe

Is slave of Almighty God

Who is One and unparalleled

There is no god but He

(Tanwir Phool)

Note:This is a prophecy available in Bible.See verses 7 to 9 of Gospel of Mark(1:7 to 1:9).Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is Gabriel ("Rooh-ul-Ameen" in Arabic).

Gospel of Mark :


Muhammad(p.b.u.h.) is the best

Of all creatures

None is greater than he(p.b.u.h.)

Except Allah (the Creator)

Adam(p.b.u.h.) knows him

Jesus(p.b.u.h.) knows him

He(p.b.u.h.) is the first

He(p.b.u.h.) is the last

The Holy Qur'aan

Is his refulgence


(Tanwir Phool)

The Great Day of Christmas
The great day of Christmas

The day Jesus was born

According to the last book of God Almighty

In its chapter 19 and the 33rd verse

Jesus said just after his birth

Peace is on me the day I was born

The day I die and also on the day

I shall be raised to life again

All the prophets are the members of the same group

They have immense respect for each other

Let us be united with friendly relations

Most obedient of God Almighty and devout

True followers of the prophets

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

The Most Beneficent & Merciful
 Indeed, GOD is the most beneficent and merciful

He has given us the knowledge and power to speak

Also wisdom,skills and capability of observation

All things and abilities are created and gifted by Him

We have built the houses and decorated them immensely

Think,who has given to us all the material we used

Look, we are weaving the clothes

For the people,men and women

Who has provided the cotton

The wool and the thread

All is created and gifted

By the most beneficent and merciful

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

Comments of Dr. Khurshid Akram, a published Hindi, Urdu and English literature writer from Canada previously from India, on the poem"The Most Beneficent & Merciful":

"Not withstanding the medium of expression of the poem, it illustrates the universal characteristics of a complete Hamd. It is indeed a masterpiece.
The poem also reflects the notion that all the blessings we have in our lives should not be taken as granted.
Apart from a believer's point of view the poem also strengthens the idea that it is hard to believe in atheism.

With regards,

Dr. K. Akram"

Master mind of suicide attacks
Apparently, he is quite innocent, but engaged

In shedding blood of human beings

He is sitting with comfort and ease

He misleads one to commit suicide attack

With huge destruction of wealth and lives

Due to being brain-washed immensely

Perhaps he does not remember

One soldier was busy

In religious war with bravery

The Holy Prophet saw him and said

Indeed, he is hellish!

People were astonished and confused

When he was injured badly

He became impatient And made himself beheaded

The forecast of the Holy Prophet became true

It is proved that suicide in any way

Is an unlawful act

A wasteful sacrifice

Think and think again,think and think again!

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

A Great Woman
Mary,the mother of Jesus Christ

A great woman as declared by the GOD

In the Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY

There exists a chapter in her name

Moreover,the last verse of chapter 66

Clearly mentions that Mary guarded her chastity

She was devout and obedient of GOD

Her son Jesus Christ is respectable & honorable

All the prophets are the messengers of GOD

Let us be united and true followers of the prophets

Working for peace,education,charity and equality

Recognizing the relationship of brotherhood in mankind

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Message Of Humanity
You can find

The relationship of brotherhood

Easily in mankind

This idea is right and good

All the human beings

Come from the family of Adam

The faces and skins

May be different

Due to external environment

But internally the color of the blood

Indeed, is the same

This proves the fact that all

Belong to one and the same family

One who is not sincere to humanity

Indeed, is not a real member of the human race

This is the message of humanity

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

Value of Human Life
The value of human life
Is recognized by the GOD ALMIGHTY
In His last Holy Book
In verse 32 of the chapter 5
He clearly says that
One who kills a human being
Is guilty of murdering
All the human community
And one who saves and protects
Life of a single human being
Is recognized as a savior of
All the human community
In the vision of GOD
In verse 70 0f the chapter 17
He tells about the dignity of human being
Indeed,He is the most merciful to us
(Tanwir Phool)


Mahmood said...

Dear Mr Tanwir I liked all of your poems. the more I read the more I know the kind human being in you.

Please keep on writting peoms like
father. it was wonderful and really touched the heart.

take care
Mahmood Zaidi

Musaffir said...

Jazzak Allah. Beautiful Naat I love Islam.