Thursday, 27 March 2008

More Poems

This is the English translation of the poem available in "Naghmat-e-Pakistan" (the melodies of Pakistan). The poet (Tanwir Phool) has been blessed with the Presidential Award by the Government of Pakistan on this book.
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The Pairs
Creation of pairs in the world

Is a merciful gift of nature

Look at the genders, masculine & feminine

Blessed with love, affection and beauty

Adam, the first of human being

Also blessed with Eve

The Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY says

In its chapter 36, also verse 36

Indicating a couple of 36 and telling

Pairs are created by the GOD ALMIGHTY

In the all growth of the earth

In human beings and animals

And in other things which are

At present unknown to mankind

Indeed, the series and succession

Of the life in generations

Was not possible

In the absence of pairs


Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

My Cat

(Poem for children)

I have a little cat
Which daily eats a rat
It has a soft tail
It does not like to fail
The cat's color is white
Its eyes are very bright
Count one,two,three
It climbs up the tree
I love the little cat
And play with my bat
It always plays with me
It has the name PINNIE

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Crow
The crow is clever and cunning

It is immodest and shameless

Everyone has seen This well-known

Large and black bird

Although it has no sense of honor

One is surprised to see this attitude

If a crow is caught by someone

Its leg is tied with rope to confine

You will see a swarm of crows

Loudly cawing as a strong voice of protest

See the sense of fraternity in crow

All of them are united

With the feelings of brotherhood

But the attitude of mankind is deplorable

Alas!human being is inferior to crow

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Dreams
It is not possible to have dreams

According to our own choice

What strange is the world of dreams!

What are the views of dreams

Which sometimes make happy

Sometimes bring sadness

And sometimes are terrifying

Where exists the world

Which has the valleys of dreams

Indeed,it is not possible

To have dreams

According to our own choice

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Question
There are clouds in the sky

With some message and questions

They are whispering to the trees

Why are the flowers withered

After being in the bloom

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The valleys of Thoughts
Who is wandering lonely

In the valleys of thoughts

With a forehead jewellery

Which makes envious the stars

The bright cheeks

Are like the full moon

Who is wandering lonely

In the valleys of thoughts

Reddish with shyness

With brightness of shyness

It seems there is

Rain of shyness

From the eyes

Who is wandering lonely

In the valleys of thoughts

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

Two Sisters
(Poem for children)
Two sisters Mani and Shani

Very pretty and attractive

Darling daughters of their mother

Apples of eyes of father

Every heart has love and affection

For both of them, it is a reality

Each of them is like a doll

When they go to school to learn

They seem to be more charming than fairies

See, Shani is running swiftly

Just like a butterfly in garden

Mani is running after Shani

What an interesting and charming scene!

Both of them are fond of stories

There was a king and a pretty queen

Their grand-father and grand-mother

Everyday are giving blessings

Be Mani and Shani fresh and fragrant

Like flowers in a garden

Always singing songs of pleasure

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Flames of War
Peoples of the present world

Think and think again

Don't deceive and disappoint

Your coming generations

This world is not only for you

It belongs to your coming generations too

You will not be present in future

Leaving this world In the hands of new generations

Don't destroy this world

With the flames of war

Otherwise your coming generations

Will not be happy and thankful to you

It is your duty to build a new world

For your coming generations

As a matter of fact and principle

You are indebted for the same

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

The Sun
The sun provides heat and light

Against our early presumption

It is not stationary

As discovered by the present science

This idea is certified

By the Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY

In verse 38 of chapter 36

Which tells the human beings

The sun is running

Towards its destination

It is managed by

The skill of GOD ALMIGHTY

The Supreme Sage, the most powerful

Try to gain the knowledge and awareness

With the wisdom gifted by

The Creator of the universe

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool



(Tanwir Phool)

Clouds and sky

What a beautiful scene!

The median of moon in shy


Keep it in your mind

Be merciful to others

God is very kind


Her lips under the nose

Look in the season of spring

Like a beautiful rose


Bright little star

In the mirror of my eyes

You are near not far


Near the bus stand

The green-belt with children

Like a fairy land


In the fields of wheat and rice

A swarm of singing birds

The melody is nice


(Tanwir Phool)

Ocean is too vast

A beautiful scene of bay

A boat is floating


In a small forest

A dog is hidden in bushes

Viewing sunlight


A sad lonely swan

Swimming slowly with the waves

Thinking about pair


Snow on branches

Just like bunch of stars

Shining in sky


Honey bee in garden

For making pure tasty honey

In search of juices


In a field of grain

A faithful dog is present

Waiting for master


White clouds and hills

Beautiful scene of sky

A natural beauty


Little Shami

(Poem for children)

I am Shami

I am Shami

I have 2 sisters

Mani and Shani

I have a toy

Which is a lion

I am very happy

While it roaring

I have plenty of

Toffees & cookies

I have a feeder

Full of milk always

I am waiting

For my birthday

Which is my second

Mom and Daddy

Will be happy

All of us

Will sing rapidly

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to me

I am Shami

I am Shami

I have 2 sisters

Mani and Shani



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