Saturday, 23 July 2016

بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم
I am known as Tanwir Phool in the literary circle. "Tanwir" means "refulgence" and "Phool" means "flower". My first poetry was published in April , 1957. My father and mother always encouraged my literary activities. My 12 books have been published so far. I am a preacher of universal brother-hood, peace, education, charity and equality. I think that poetry may be defined as melody of nature.
I have been blessed with these prestigious awards for my Urdu poetry:
1) Presidential Award from the Government of Pakistan.
2) Faran Writers' Guild Award.
3) Cash Award for Rs.100,000/- from Governor Sindh.
4) National Book Foundation's Awards  and
5) Academy Award

My name has been included in the Complete Urdu Encyclopedia
(Volume 3) ISBN 9693100115 at pages No. 83 and 84, compiled by Justice S.A.Rahman
and C . Smith Junior and published by Sheikh Ghulam Ali and Sons Ltd.,
Lahore (Pakistan)

My name has also been included at page No.71 of " Ahl-e-Qalam
Directory " published in 2008 ( ISBN: 978-969-472-153-1 ) by
Academy Adabiyaat-e-Pakistan ( Pakistan Academy of Letters ),
Ministry of Education , Government of Pakistan , Islamabad.

For more details type Tanwir Phool in Google search or any other search engine in English and see the results. For Urdu  , type تنویرپھول and see the results in Urdu language.

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