Wednesday, 7 January 2009

GOD Almighty Gives all the Knowledge

By Tanwir Phool

In her book " A History of God " Karen Armstrong has
described in chapter No.10 as under:
"By the beginning of the 19th century,atheism was
definitely on the agenda.The advances in science and
technology were creating a new spirit of autonomy and
independence which led some to declare their independence
of God."
It is a negative thinking as a result of which Pharaoh and
all his arrogant followers have been destroyed.In His last
book GOD Almighty has clearly Mentioned that "Nor shall
they compass aught of His Knowledge except as He Allows."
(See Verse No.255 of chapter No.2 Al-Baqarah i:e the Cow)
All the scientific developments in the past,present and future
are surrounded by these Words of GOD Almighty.
The scientific developments don't lead the human beings to
the path of arrogance but they urge upon being thankful and
grateful to GOD Almighty for Giving knowledge and ability.All
the things such as "D.N.A.","Atom","Energy","Spirit / Soul"
have been Created by the Great Creator i:e GOD Almighty.
Can anyone be born according to his /her own will? Can we
prevent death forever? Can we bring those back who have
gone from this world? Can we stop earth quake or control
the system of rain?
People believe in Satan (the enemy of mankind),the spirit
or soul, jinn and many other things without seeing them
but some people are hesitant to believe in an unseen GOD
Who is the Creator of all,the visible and invisible things.
It is recommended that the entire Verse No.255 of chapter
No.2 of the last book of GOD Almighty should be perused,
the translation of which is as under:
"ALLAH.There is no god but He-the Living,the Self-subsisting,
Eternal.No slumber can seize Him nor sleep.His are all things
in the heavens and on earth.Who is there can intercede in His
Presence except as He Allows? He Knows what(appears
to His creatures as) before or after or behind them.Nor shall
they compass aught of His Knowledge except as He Permits.
His Throne doth extend over the heaven and the earth,and He
Feels no fatigue in Guarding and Preserving them for He is the
Most High,the Supreme (in Glory)"

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