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Importance of Sex in Religion

By Tanwir Phool

The first relationship in this world Created by the GOD ALMIGHTY was that of husband and wife.Adam,the first of mankind was blessed with Eve,his wife,the mother of all human beings.Indeed,the relationship of mother and her child is very important and sacred but it came into existence as a result of the first relationship.It is a fact that creation of pairs in the world is a valuable and merciful Gift of GOD ALMIGHTY.The genders,masculine and feminine,blessed with love and affection are beautiful creation of our Lord.The last Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY says in verse No. 36 of chapter 36 (Yaaseen) as under:

"Glory to GOD ALMIGHTY (ALLAH) ,Who Created in pairs all things that the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge."

Science has now declared that genders are available in plants but this fact was already disclosed about 1500 years before, in the last Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY.

It is an unassailable fact that the series and succession of life in generations was not possible in the absence of pairs and sex.

We, the human beings are the most eminent of all creatures of GOD ALMIGHTY as such He has prescribed principles for our sexual relationship also.

We may mention here the story of Prophet Lot/Lut (p.b.u.h.) who was the nephew of Prophet Abraham (p.b.u.h.).He was sent by the GOD ALMIGHTY to the city of Sodom (Sadum) situated on the Western shore of the Dead Sea.The city in question was immensely filled with evils.The most common evil among the people was that men had sex with men instead of with women.According to Instructions of GOD ALMIGHTY,Prophet Lot (p.b.u.h.) warned them to give up this filthy act but they refused to obey him and threatened to drive him out of the city. Consequently,as a result of Wrath of GOD ALMIGHTY a terrific storm of stones rained on the city and everyone was destroyed completely while Prophet Lot (p.b.u.h.) and his followers were saved as they already migrated from the city according to Instruction of GOD ALMIGHTY.

There is a misunderstanding that the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY (ALLAH) ,Orders the believers to have 4 wives at a time but it is not true.In fact,there was a practice of having so many wives at a time which tendency was curbed and the limit of 4 marriages was imposed.Verse No. 3 of chapter No.4 (Al-Nisa i:e the women) of the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY begins with these instructions:

"If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans,marry women of your choice,two,or three,or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them), then only one,"

Some people object on the number of wives of the last Prophet (p.b.u.h.) but he was not the first prophet to have more than one wife.According to Bible and Torah, Prophet Abraham (p.b.u.h.) had 3 wives, Prophet Jacob (p.b.u.h.) had 4 wives, Prophet Moses (p.b.u.h.) had 4 wives, Prophet David(p.b.u.h.) had 9 wives and Prophet Solomon (p.b.u.h.) had 700 wives.

Almost all the wives of the last Prophet (p.b.u.h.) except one, were widows and he married each of them for a reason mostly to support widows/orphans.His first wife was also a widow and during her life time, the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) did not marry again for a period of 25 years.His wife Umme Salamah was a widow with 4 orphans, 2 boys and 2 girls.He loved the orphan children more than their real father. His wife Zainab bint Gahsh who was the Prophet's cousin, got married with him after being divorced by her first husband Zayd.

It is observed from the above details that the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) married the widows/divorced to protect them.Only one wife of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) , named Aisha was virgin at the time of marriage.There is a common confusion about her age at the time of her marriage with the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.). According to almost all the historians, Asma,the elder sister of Aisha,was 10 years older than Aisha. Asma is reported to die in 73 A.H. (692 A.D.) when she was100 years old,as such at the time of Hijrah she was 27 years old and Aisha was 17 years old and not 7 years old which probably is a mistake due to omission of figure 1.She was delivered to the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h.) about one year after Hijrah in the month of Shawal. (See this link under the
heading "692 : Death" and calculate the actual age of Aisha at the time of her marriage : )

Also read the 2nd and the last paragraphs of this link :

Husband and wife are Instructed by the GOD ALMIGHTY (ALLAH) to keep secret of each other. Verse No.187 of chapter 2 of the Holy Qur'aan begins with these instructions:

"Permitted to you on the night of the fasts,is the approach to your wives. They are your garments and you are their garments"

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Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Duration of Creation of World

By Tanwir Phool

Barack Obama in his book "The Audacity of Hope" has criticized the statement of Clergymen of the Church regarding creation of the world,earth and skies in a week as all the scientific truths are in negation of this idea.
The Clergymen gave this statement on the basis of Gospels but due to being translated/tampered complete information is not available.
Let us see what the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY says in this regard.

Verses 4 and 5 of Surah No.32 (Al-Sajda or Adoration) tell as under:
"It is GOD ALMIGHTY (ALLAH) Who has Created the heavens and the earth, and all between them, in six days , then He Established Himself on the Throne: you have none, besides Him to
protect or intercede (for you) : will you not then receive admonition?He Directs the affairs from the heavens to the earth:then it ascends unto Him , on a Day the measure of which is a thousand
years of your reckoning."

In Verse No.4 of Surah No.70 (Al-Ma'aarij or the Ways of Ascent) it has been told that " The angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a Day the measure of which is fifty thousand years."

It is observed from the above details that the Days in which the world, earth and skies were created,were not of ordinary duration but very much lengthy,which is not in negation of
scientific truths.

It is not a strange example as the duration of day during summer and winter is different and in North and South Poles the day is as long as six months' period. In other planets also, the duration of day and night is different.

It is suggested that we should not make objections on any statement before making thorough search and having complete information about it.The last book of GOD ALMIGHTY is in His
Own Words from A to Z and is free from doubt. Thomas Carlyle who was born in 1795 in England and died in 1881
has accepted this fact in his lecture given on 8th May , 1840 (Friday) from 9 A.M.
to 9 P.M. at Royal Auditorium , Edinborough (Edenbra).This lecture is available in his famous
book "On Heroes , Hero-Worship and the Heroic in History" (Also see his book "Sartor Resartus").

In fact all the universe is obedient (in Arabic "muslim") to GOD ALMIGHTY. This fact has also been described by German philosopher and writer Goethe in the 18th century.

There are two categories of being obedient to GOD ALMIGHTY , willingly ( in Arabic " tau'an ")
and un-willingly ( in Arabic " karhan "). All the creatures are compelled to be obedient in respect of breathing , eating , drinking , sleeping etc. but those who are willingly obedient also, will be blessed with reward.

The earth and the sky are also obedient willingly , as mentioned in the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY (Chapter No.41 , Verse No. 11 )

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

What is The Main (Principal) Name of GOD ALMIGHTY and What He Says about Jesus Christ?

By Tanwir Phool

The main or principal name of GOD ALMIGHTY is "ALLAH". There is no plural of this word. Similar word is also available in the New Testament(Gospel). It is an opinion that this word means "Al-Elah" i:e "The Deity". The word "Elah" stands for "Deity" and "Al" for "The" in Arabic. In the Old Testament , the names of GOD ALMIGHTY are "JEHOVAH " and "YAHWEH" which are nearer to pronunciation of "ALLAH".

The Gospels tell us about the last words of Jesus. According to Gospels(the New Testament) there are three different versions of the last words uttered by Jesus on the cross.The reason is that ,only translations of Gospel are available instead of the original text revealed on Jesus.
According to Mark (15:34-35), Jesus yelled with a great shout "Eloi,Eloi, lama sabachthani?". Through the centuries, according to interpreters the last words of Jesus meant "My GOD, my GOD, why have You forsaken me?"

In Hebrew it is "Eli,Eli, lama azabtani?" while in Aramaic "Elahi,Elahi,lema sebaqtani?".
The word "Elahi" is available in Arabic which means "My Deity" or "My GOD".This word is also available in Psalms of David in the same meanings(the text of Psalm 22:2 in Aramaic).
According to Mark,followed by Matthew(27:46-47) the element of screaming has further been emphasized that some of those present at the moment would have understood that he(Jesus) was calling for the prophet Elijah.

According to John(19:30) "As Jesus took the wine,he exclaimed:'It is finished' and bowing his head,he handed over his spirit."

According to Luke(23:46) there is a third and different version of the last words of Jesus "And shouting with a great shout Jesus said 'Father into thy hands I commit my spirit."

It is obvious that the scene of death of Jesus in past tense can't be described in a book revealed on him in his life time.It is only a historical statement which has been added to Gospel.

Let us discuss the word "father" quoted in translation of Gospel.There is a word "Rab" which means "Preserver, Cherisher, Sustainer, Master, Deity or Lord". This word was also used for "father" and its plural is "arbaab"(verse No.31 of surah viz chapter No.9 of the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY). When used for GOD ALMIGHTY there is no plural of this word.
Jesus had used the same word for GOD ALMIGHTY which was wrongly translated as "father" by the interpreters.GOD ALMIGHTY is far away from eating,drinking and sexual relations.Those who eat and drink are subject to death and He will never die.He is The Creator and all others are His creatures who are subject to death.Adam was born without father and mother and Jesus was born without father as GOD ALMIGHTY is Omnipotent(Having Power over all things). According to verse No.59 of surah No.3 Aal-e-Imran (The Family of
Imran):" The similitude of Jesus before GOD ALMIGHTY is as that of Adam; He Created him from dust,then Said to him "Be": and he was."

There are two categories of prophets; "Rasool" and "Nabi". The word "Rasool" is derived from Arabic word "Irsaal" which means "to send". This is used for a Messenger of GOD ALMIGHTY Blessed with a Book, such as Moses,David,Jesus and Mohammed (Peace be upon them).

"Nabi" is an assistant/deputy to "Rasool" such as Aaron,Solomon,Zachariah and John(Peace be upon them). The word "Nabi" is derived from "Naaib" which means "deputy or assistant".
"Rasool" has also the powers of "Nabi" as such he is greater than "Nabi". Every Rasool is also a Nabi but it is not necessary that every Nabi is also a Rasool. No Rasool was killed or murdered as he was sent specially by GOD ALMIGHTY. However,other prophets who were not "Rasool" but only "Nabi",were murdered such as Zakariya (Zachariah) and John(Peace be upon them). Jesus was also a "Rasool"(Messenger of GOD ALMIGHTY Blessed with a Book) as such it was not appropriate for him to be killed/murdered ,but another person of the same resemblance was crucified in his place.Verses 156 to 159 of surah No.4 "An-Nisa"(Women) of the last Book of GOD ALMIGHTY tell as under:

"That they rejected faith;that they uttered against Mary a grave false charge;that they said(in boast),"We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary,the Messenger of GOD;but they killed him not,nor crucified him.Only a likeness of that was shown to them.And those who differ therein are full of doubts,with no (certain) knowledge. But only conjecture to follow,for of a surety they killed him not;nay,GOD Raised him up unto Himself; and GOD is Exalted in Power,Wise, and there is none of the people of the Book but must believe in him before his death,and on the Day of Judgment he will be a witness against them."

GOD ALMIGHTY is also called "Rahmaan"(The Most Merciful) and there is no plural of this word also.The last two verses of surah No.17 "Bani Israel"(The Children of Israel) tell as under:
"Say,'Call upon Allah,or call upon Rahmaan: by whatever name you call upon Him,(it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names.Neither speak your prayer aloud,nor speak it in a low tone,but seek a middle course between.Say,Praise be to Allah(God Almighty),Who begets no son,and has no partner in (His) dominion:nor (needs) He any to protect Him from humiliation:Yea, magnify Him for His Greatness and Glory !"

In verse No.82 of surah viz chapter No.5 God Almighty(Allah) Admires the Christians and Says,"Nearest among them in love to the Believers will you find those who say,"We are Christians": because amongst them,there are men devoted to learning,and men who have renounced the world,and they are not arrogant."
In verse No.40 of  surah(chapter) No.22 God Almighty  Says , " If God did not repel the aggression of some people by means of others , cloisters and churches and synagogues and mosques  , wherein the name of God is much invoked , would surely be destroyed. God will surely help him who helps His cause ---- God is indeed powerful and mighty."

GOD ALMIGHTY(ALLAH) Sees the Faith of inner heart and Says in verse No.62 of surah No.2: "Those who believe and those who follow the Jewish(scriptures) and the Christians and the Sabians,any who believe in GOD ALMIGHTY(ALLAH) and the Last Day,and work righteousness,shall have their reward with their Lord, on them shall be no fear,nor shall they grieve."

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God Exists or God Does Not Exist? Let's Find Out

By Tanwir Phool

Those who are in doubt about existence of GOD,an unseen GOD, should consider their own existence, before birth, birth, life in this world, death and after death. Our mortal eyes are not able to see everything.

For example,soul or spirit which can't be denied even by an atheist,then what about Creator of soul or spirit?

Can we create a thing just like our earth or even stop it from moving?

Can we control earth quake and the system of rain?

Can we prevent death forever?

Answers to these questions prove the existence of GOD ALMIGHTY Who can't be defined and understood with an example in this world.

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Following True Teachings of All Religions Can Bring Peace to the World

By Tanwir Phool

Religion is one and the same from the very beginning. However, it is rectified and completed by GOD ALMIGHTY through a series of Messengers (prophets).

In the Old Testament in Isaiah 28:10-11 it is mentioned:

"For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, here a little, and there a little. For with stammering lips and another tongue will He speak to His people."

In the last Book of GOD ALMIGHTY the first revealed word is "Iqra" which means "Read" in surah Al-Alaq (surah No.96,verses 1 to 5). As the Prophet was illiterate, he replied "I can't read". This is also mentioned in the Old Testament (Isaiah 29:12) "And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, read this, I pray thee and he saith, I am not learned."

It is proved that the true teachings of all the books of GOD are the same. Except the last book, only translations are available which can be understood with the help of the last book and thus following true teachings of all the prophets can bring peace to the world.

Whether We Can Read The Words of GOD ALMIGHTY or Not?

By Tanwir Phool

It is an interesting and important question whether we can read the Words of GOD ALMIGHTY or not? The last book of GOD is in His own words from A to Z. There may be differences in translations but the original text is one and the same in God's words. Previous books of GOD ALMIGHTY do not have their original text and at present only translations are available which may be compared/rectified with the help of the last book.

There is a misunderstanding that the last book is a writing of the prophet. It is not correct as this book has verses in which the prophet has been warned/cautioned. For example, the verses at the beginning of surah Abas (surah No.80) and verses 44 to 47 of surah Al-Ha'aqqah (surah No.69) in which the prophet has been cautioned on his act of ignoring and not responding a blind person. It has been said that if the prophet says anything according to his own will in this book, for which he has not been ordered by the GOD, he will be punished by catching his hand and cutting the jugular vein. It is obvious that no author can include such matter in his own book.

It is observed that where the GOD ALMIGHTY has said "qul"(Arabic word which means tell or say) to the prophet, this word has also been included in the last book which proves that there is no change/amendment in the Words of GOD ALMIGHTY. The last book certifies the previous books(Taurah, Psalm, Gospel, the book of Abraham and any other book revealed by the GOD ALMIGHTY) but clarifies that these books are not with their original text and have been changed/tampered with the passage of time as such they are not 100% correct. On the other hand they are not 100% wrong. The true teachings of all the prophets may be ascertained with the help of the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY which has only one text while the previous books have different version due to being translated/tampered by different persons and their original text is not available.(For another article,please click "older posts") also see "Interfaith poems."

Misunderstandings About Surah Tauba i:e Repentance (Surah No.9)

By Tanwir Phool

There are misunderstandings about surah Tauba i:e Repentance(surah No.9) of the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY.Those who are against it, quote its verse No.5,the translation of which is as under:

"But when the forbidden months are passed,then fight and slay the Polytheists wherever you find them,and seize them,beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem(of war); but if they repent, and establish regular prayers and pay zakat ,then open the way for them: for GOD ALMIGHTY is Oft-Forgiving,Most Merciful."

They claim that this verse is against all the non-muslims ,directing to kill them.This is a negative propaganda deliberately or unknowingly,as the verse No.4( before this verse) and the verse No.6(after this verse) are not being taken into account.The directives of these 3 verses are as under:

"(But the treaties are) not dissolved with those Polytheists with whom you have entered into alliance and who have not subsequently failed you in aught, nor aided anyone against you. So fulfill your engagements with them; for GOD ALMIGHTY Loves the righteous."

After the conquest of Makkah(the city of Mecca),thousands of people became Muslim for one reason or another but a small group consisting of the Polytheists and the Hypocrites was still against the Prophet and his followers.They were the Terrorists ,the hidden enemies seeking the opportunity to ruin and destroy the innocent people. The verse in question i:e verse No.5 is against the said Terrorists and not for all non-muslims as it is clearly mentioned in the next verse i:e verse No.6 of surah Tauba(Repentance):

"If one among the Polytheists asks you for asylum,grant it to him,so that he may hear the Word of GOD ALMIGHTY,and then escort him to where he can be secure,that is because they are men without knowledge."

This verse tells that after hearing the Words of GOD even if he does not become a Muslim and wants to go a safe place,escort him according to his desire.

There are 2 major groups of non-muslims: Those who have been blessed with books i:e Jews & Christians,and those who adore idols,sun,moon,stars,tree,fire and animals such as cow,elephant,monkey,snake,rat etc. and called Mushrikeen i:e Polytheists as they don't believe in Unity or Oneness of GOD.

The last book of GOD ALMIGHTY allows Muslims to marry a Jew or Christian woman in the same capacity as with a Muslim woman(verse No.5 of surah 5 Al-Maaida(The Table Spread). Those who say that the last book orders to kill the Jews and Christians wherever they are found,should think that when Muslims are allowed to marry Jew/Christian women how can they kill their wives and in-laws? Marriage of Muslims with the Polytheists(Mushrikeen) has been prohibited in verse No.221 of surah No.2, Al-Baqarah(The Cow) but still it is not ordered to kill the Polytheists as there is no compulsion in religion(verse 256 of surah No.2).Muslims are directed not to abuse idols or other things which are adored by them instead of GOD, as they can abuse GOD in re-action(verse No.108 of surah No.6 ,Al-An'aam i:e Cattle) Islam is not what a so-called muslim is doing but what the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY says and what the Holy Prophet actually did/said.Similarly so-called Jews and so-called Christians are not following the true teachings of Moses(p.b.u.h.) and Christ(p.b.u.h.) who were true muslims(obedient of GOD ALMIGHTY)

Please see these verses of Qur'aan also ( Al-Mumtahanah , 60 : 8-9 )

" God forbids you not , with regard to those who do not fight you because
of your faith nor drive you out of your homes , from dealing kindly and justly
with them. God loves those who are just. God only forbids you with regard to
those who fight you for your faith , and drive you  from your homes , and
support others in driving you out , from turning to them (for friendship and
protection). It is such as turn to them (in these circumstances ) that do wrong."

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More Poems

This is the English translation of the poem available in "Naghmat-e-Pakistan" (the melodies of Pakistan). The poet (Tanwir Phool) has been blessed with the Presidential Award by the Government of Pakistan on this book.
Please note that the images can be enlarged with single or double click to see them clearly.
In case , it is not enlarged click this link and read :

The Pairs
Creation of pairs in the world

Is a merciful gift of nature

Look at the genders, masculine & feminine

Blessed with love, affection and beauty

Adam, the first of human being

Also blessed with Eve

The Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY says

In its chapter 36, also verse 36

Indicating a couple of 36 and telling

Pairs are created by the GOD ALMIGHTY

In the all growth of the earth

In human beings and animals

And in other things which are

At present unknown to mankind

Indeed, the series and succession

Of the life in generations

Was not possible

In the absence of pairs


Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

My Cat

(Poem for children)

I have a little cat
Which daily eats a rat
It has a soft tail
It does not like to fail
The cat's color is white
Its eyes are very bright
Count one,two,three
It climbs up the tree
I love the little cat
And play with my bat
It always plays with me
It has the name PINNIE

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Crow
The crow is clever and cunning

It is immodest and shameless

Everyone has seen This well-known

Large and black bird

Although it has no sense of honor

One is surprised to see this attitude

If a crow is caught by someone

Its leg is tied with rope to confine

You will see a swarm of crows

Loudly cawing as a strong voice of protest

See the sense of fraternity in crow

All of them are united

With the feelings of brotherhood

But the attitude of mankind is deplorable

Alas!human being is inferior to crow

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Dreams
It is not possible to have dreams

According to our own choice

What strange is the world of dreams!

What are the views of dreams

Which sometimes make happy

Sometimes bring sadness

And sometimes are terrifying

Where exists the world

Which has the valleys of dreams

Indeed,it is not possible

To have dreams

According to our own choice

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Question
There are clouds in the sky

With some message and questions

They are whispering to the trees

Why are the flowers withered

After being in the bloom

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The valleys of Thoughts
Who is wandering lonely

In the valleys of thoughts

With a forehead jewellery

Which makes envious the stars

The bright cheeks

Are like the full moon

Who is wandering lonely

In the valleys of thoughts

Reddish with shyness

With brightness of shyness

It seems there is

Rain of shyness

From the eyes

Who is wandering lonely

In the valleys of thoughts

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

Two Sisters
(Poem for children)
Two sisters Mani and Shani

Very pretty and attractive

Darling daughters of their mother

Apples of eyes of father

Every heart has love and affection

For both of them, it is a reality

Each of them is like a doll

When they go to school to learn

They seem to be more charming than fairies

See, Shani is running swiftly

Just like a butterfly in garden

Mani is running after Shani

What an interesting and charming scene!

Both of them are fond of stories

There was a king and a pretty queen

Their grand-father and grand-mother

Everyday are giving blessings

Be Mani and Shani fresh and fragrant

Like flowers in a garden

Always singing songs of pleasure

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Flames of War
Peoples of the present world

Think and think again

Don't deceive and disappoint

Your coming generations

This world is not only for you

It belongs to your coming generations too

You will not be present in future

Leaving this world In the hands of new generations

Don't destroy this world

With the flames of war

Otherwise your coming generations

Will not be happy and thankful to you

It is your duty to build a new world

For your coming generations

As a matter of fact and principle

You are indebted for the same

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

The Sun
The sun provides heat and light

Against our early presumption

It is not stationary

As discovered by the present science

This idea is certified

By the Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY

In verse 38 of chapter 36

Which tells the human beings

The sun is running

Towards its destination

It is managed by

The skill of GOD ALMIGHTY

The Supreme Sage, the most powerful

Try to gain the knowledge and awareness

With the wisdom gifted by

The Creator of the universe

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool



(Tanwir Phool)

Clouds and sky

What a beautiful scene!

The median of moon in shy


Keep it in your mind

Be merciful to others

God is very kind


Her lips under the nose

Look in the season of spring

Like a beautiful rose


Bright little star

In the mirror of my eyes

You are near not far


Near the bus stand

The green-belt with children

Like a fairy land


In the fields of wheat and rice

A swarm of singing birds

The melody is nice


(Tanwir Phool)

Ocean is too vast

A beautiful scene of bay

A boat is floating


In a small forest

A dog is hidden in bushes

Viewing sunlight


A sad lonely swan

Swimming slowly with the waves

Thinking about pair


Snow on branches

Just like bunch of stars

Shining in sky


Honey bee in garden

For making pure tasty honey

In search of juices


In a field of grain

A faithful dog is present

Waiting for master


White clouds and hills

Beautiful scene of sky

A natural beauty


Little Shami

(Poem for children)

I am Shami

I am Shami

I have 2 sisters

Mani and Shani

I have a toy

Which is a lion

I am very happy

While it roaring

I have plenty of

Toffees & cookies

I have a feeder

Full of milk always

I am waiting

For my birthday

Which is my second

Mom and Daddy

Will be happy

All of us

Will sing rapidly

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to me

I am Shami

I am Shami

I have 2 sisters

Mani and Shani


Wednesday, 26 March 2008

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I provide professional-level literature services to individuals and companies/corporations. I look forward to exceeding your expectations with these professional literature services of mine:
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I am known as Tanwir Phool in the literary circle. "Tanwir" means "refulgence" and "Phool" means "flower".
My first poetry was published in April, 1957. My father and mother always encouraged my literary activities. My 12 books have been published so far.

I am a preacher of universal brotherhood, peace, education, charity and equality. I think that poetry may be defined as melody of nature.

I have been awarded these prestigious awards for my Urdu poetry:

  • Presidential Award,
  • Faran Writers' Guild Award,
  • Governor Sindh Award,

  • National Book Foundation Awards and

  • Academy Award
My name has been included in the Complete Urdu Encyclopedia
(Volume 3) ISBN 9693100115 at pages No. 83 and 84, compiled by Justice S.A.Rahman
and C . Smith Junior and published by Sheikh Ghulam Ali and Sons Ltd.,
Lahore (Pakistan)

My name has also been included at page No.71 of " Ahl-e-Qalam
Directory " published in 2008 ( ISBN: 978-969-472-153-1 ) by
Academy Adabiyaat-e-Pakistan ( Pakistan Academy of Letters ),
Ministry of Education , Government of Pakistan , Islamabad.

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7-b) See a short list of 20th century Urdu poets in the following link : (This link has some problem. However , the names of the poets in question were in this order. 1) Allama Iqbal  2) Jigar Muradabadi
3) Firaq Gorakhpuri  4) Hafeez Jalandhari 5) Tanwir Phool  6) Faiz Ahmad Faiz 7) Ahmad Faraz 8) Parveen Shakir)   




9-A) Article about Haiku



12) (See under "Alumni"/"P", link as under)

13) (See under "P")

13-a) (a link
          abut Tanwir Phool's Naat)


14) (Search for Tanwir Phool )






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39) (See "Durood-o-Salaam(Urdu) in the last)



42) (See under "Hamd")








50) (See the last para)



Personal Name:
Tanwiruddin Ahmad Siddiqui

Literary Name:
Tanwir Phool

Place of Birth:
Born in 1948 in Muzaffarpur (India) and migrated to Pakistan
with parents.

Contribution to Literature:
12 books have been published so far.

1)Presidential Award for the Best National Poetry Book of 2005 from the Ministry of Education , Government of Pakistan.

2)National Book Foundation Awards for 3 years (from 2001 to 2003) from the Government of Pakistan

3)Government of Sindh Award of Rs.100,000 for great contribution to children literature.

4)Awards from International Library of Poetry (U.S.A.)

5)Golden Jubilee Award from Hira Foundation Pakistan(Registered.)

6)Honorary Group Insurance Policy No.S-74 provided in 1999 by the Academy of Letters , Government of Pakistan.

Published Poetry Books:

1)Gulshan-e-Sukhan (Garden of Poetry) published in January,1970

2)Khushbu Bheeni Bheeni (The Mild Scent) published in October,1983.

3)Tanweer-e-Hira (Refulgence of Hira cave),Part 1, published in March,1994.

4)Anwaar-e-Hira (Brightness of Hira cave) published in July,1997

5)Rashk-e-Baagh-e-Iram (Envy of Paradise Garden),published in August,1997.

6)Tanweer-e-Hira (Refulgence of Hira cave),Part 2,published in January,1999

7)Dhuwaan Dhuwaan Chehray (The Sooty Faces) published in April,1999.

8)Zaboor-e-Sukhan (The Psalms of Poetry) published in January,2002.

9)Qindeel-e-Hira ( The Lamp of Hira cave) published in December,2003.

10)Chirya,Titli,Phool (Sparrow,Butterfly,Flowers) published in October,2004.

11)Naghmaat-e-Pakistan (The Melodies of Pakistan) published in August,2005.

12)Arham-ur-Raahimeen (The Greatest of All in Mercy) published in November,2005.


1)"Timeless Voices",page 1,published by the International Library of Poetry,USA.

2)"The International Who is Who in Poetry",page 1 published by the I.L.P.,USA.

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5)Daily "Kaleem",Sukkur(Pakistan) dated the 11th March,2007.

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10)Article by Professor Afaq Siddiqui published in daily "Express" dated the 19th August,2001.

11)"Sukhanwar" (Vol.5)page 134 to 139 by Sultana Meher of USA,published in CA

12)"Poets of Pakistan" (Vol.2) by Syed Muhammad Qasim (pages 136 & 137)

Some Related links: (Vol.17 , page 403),(Vol.18,page 782) and (Vol.20,page 566)


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About Urdu Literature (See the last paragraph about poetry)


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3) English introductory book published by Beta Publishers (U.S.A.) . See this link:
Family members of the poet / author
1) Mrs. Rukhsana Tanwir (Wife)

2) Nurus Sahar Kiran (Daughter)

3) Nurun Nahar Kanwal (Daughter)

4) Kaukabun Noor Shafaq (Daughter)

5) Misbahun Noor Sana (Daughter)

6) Muhammad Aliur Rahman "Ali '' (Son) 

Friday, 21 March 2008

Interfaith Poems

Click to see the image enlarged.

It is my great pleasure to present you my poems of inter-faith essence. All of these poems can be found on and some of them have won 1st prizes there in the competition. One of the poems titled "The Religion" got published on the very first page of THE INTERNATIONAL WHO IS WHO IN POETRY, a hard-cover, over 250 pages, book published by International Library of Poetry, USA. Another poem of mine titled "Our Father" was a winner in the poetry competition on and got published in TIMELESS VOICES, another Collection of International Poetry Book by International Library of Poetry, USA. Another poem of mine titled "The Coming Generation" has appeared on the website of U.N.O.

I hope you like these efforts of mine:

These poems have been liked by the Christian community. Click this link, then
the first sub-link :

Also see these links : 

The Religion
GOD is very kind to human beings

He sent prophets to show the right path

Adam was the first of the chain of prophets

No prophet falsified his ancients

It is proved that

There is no opposition amongst the prophets

All of them came for betterment of humanity

There is no concept of change of religion

Religion is one and the same from the very beginning

However,prophets came in different ages

For rectification and completion of religion

Don't be opponent to each other

As there is no opposition

Amongst the prophets

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

Our Father
Moses, Christ, and Mohammad

Peace be upon them

They are the sons of Abraham

Peace be upon him

Abraham is our father

Fast friend of God Almighty

Trust in God, trust in God

This is the will of Abraham

He is the leader of the people

This is written in Book of God

Abraham is our father

Please remember dear brother

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Coming Generation
Peoples of the present world

Think and think again

Don't deceive and disappoint

your coming generation

This world is not only for you

It belongs to your coming generation also

You will not be present in future

Leaving the world in the hands of new generation

Don't destroy this world

With the flames of war

Otherwise your coming generation

Will not be happy and thankful to you

It is your duty to build a new world

For your coming generation

As a matter of fact and principle

You are indebted for the same.

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Creator of Soul
O mortal human being!

Your pride on existence is not right

Why are you hesitant to adore GOD ALMIGHTY

Is it difficult to believe in

An unseen GOD?

You can't see Him with the mortal eyes

Your sight is not reliable everywhere

What is the soul?

You are unable to see it but can't deny

You believe in the soul

But what about the Creator of soul?

Can you make something like the earth

On which you live and die

Can you create a fly,an ant or a leaf?

You are unable to understand and surround

The knowledge of GOD ALMIGHTY

Except that He wants to disclose to you

He gives life to His creatures

And maintains system of the universe

Indeed,He is the most Superior

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Creator & Supporter of All
The beautiful melody of the nightingales

The tasteful food,fruits and vegetables

The pleasant weather,mornings and evenings

Who has provided in this world for us?

All of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Indeed,all of them are gifted by the God Almighty

See the trains,cars,trucks and buses

These are,no doubt,manufactured by you

But Who has given and provided

Iron,steel and other material to you?

All of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Indeed,all of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Have you any thing in this world?

Which has not been created or given by God

Think again and answer my question

Who gives away these things generously?

All of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Indeed,all of them are gifted by the God Almighty

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

GOD,the Creator 
He is the Greatest,the Most Superior
He is the Holder of all Grandeur
Having all the Great Creator

He is Merciful to us forever
There is an Ocean of Divine favor
No doubt,He is Elevated Creator
None is equal, none is peer

He has endless love for creatures
He is the Lord, He is the Master
We are subjects, He is the Emperor
For the universe He is the Ruler

Phool, the poet is abject with errors
Praying for His Mercy forever
(Tanwir Phool)

The Chief

Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) is the Chief

Of all creatures

He (p.b.u.h.) is the last

Messenger of God

None is capable and worthy

Even to untie

Thongs of his sandals

He (p.b.u.h.) is mightier than

His immediate predecessors

Who were subdued

By their enemies

Even at this

He (p.b.u.h.) is a slave

Of God Almighty

All the universe

Is slave of Almighty God

Who is One and unparalleled

There is no god but He

(Tanwir Phool)

Note:This is a prophecy available in Bible.See verses 7 to 9 of Gospel of Mark(1:7 to 1:9).Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is Gabriel ("Rooh-ul-Ameen" in Arabic).

Gospel of Mark :


Muhammad(p.b.u.h.) is the best

Of all creatures

None is greater than he(p.b.u.h.)

Except Allah (the Creator)

Adam(p.b.u.h.) knows him

Jesus(p.b.u.h.) knows him

He(p.b.u.h.) is the first

He(p.b.u.h.) is the last

The Holy Qur'aan

Is his refulgence


(Tanwir Phool)

The Great Day of Christmas
The great day of Christmas

The day Jesus was born

According to the last book of God Almighty

In its chapter 19 and the 33rd verse

Jesus said just after his birth

Peace is on me the day I was born

The day I die and also on the day

I shall be raised to life again

All the prophets are the members of the same group

They have immense respect for each other

Let us be united with friendly relations

Most obedient of God Almighty and devout

True followers of the prophets

Copyright ©2008 Tanwir - Phool

The Most Beneficent & Merciful
 Indeed, GOD is the most beneficent and merciful

He has given us the knowledge and power to speak

Also wisdom,skills and capability of observation

All things and abilities are created and gifted by Him

We have built the houses and decorated them immensely

Think,who has given to us all the material we used

Look, we are weaving the clothes

For the people,men and women

Who has provided the cotton

The wool and the thread

All is created and gifted

By the most beneficent and merciful

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

Comments of Dr. Khurshid Akram, a published Hindi, Urdu and English literature writer from Canada previously from India, on the poem"The Most Beneficent & Merciful":

"Not withstanding the medium of expression of the poem, it illustrates the universal characteristics of a complete Hamd. It is indeed a masterpiece.
The poem also reflects the notion that all the blessings we have in our lives should not be taken as granted.
Apart from a believer's point of view the poem also strengthens the idea that it is hard to believe in atheism.

With regards,

Dr. K. Akram"

Master mind of suicide attacks
Apparently, he is quite innocent, but engaged

In shedding blood of human beings

He is sitting with comfort and ease

He misleads one to commit suicide attack

With huge destruction of wealth and lives

Due to being brain-washed immensely

Perhaps he does not remember

One soldier was busy

In religious war with bravery

The Holy Prophet saw him and said

Indeed, he is hellish!

People were astonished and confused

When he was injured badly

He became impatient And made himself beheaded

The forecast of the Holy Prophet became true

It is proved that suicide in any way

Is an unlawful act

A wasteful sacrifice

Think and think again,think and think again!

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

A Great Woman
Mary,the mother of Jesus Christ

A great woman as declared by the GOD

In the Holy Book of GOD ALMIGHTY

There exists a chapter in her name

Moreover,the last verse of chapter 66

Clearly mentions that Mary guarded her chastity

She was devout and obedient of GOD

Her son Jesus Christ is respectable & honorable

All the prophets are the messengers of GOD

Let us be united and true followers of the prophets

Working for peace,education,charity and equality

Recognizing the relationship of brotherhood in mankind

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

The Message Of Humanity
You can find

The relationship of brotherhood

Easily in mankind

This idea is right and good

All the human beings

Come from the family of Adam

The faces and skins

May be different

Due to external environment

But internally the color of the blood

Indeed, is the same

This proves the fact that all

Belong to one and the same family

One who is not sincere to humanity

Indeed, is not a real member of the human race

This is the message of humanity

Copyright ©2008 TanwirPhool

Value of Human Life
The value of human life
Is recognized by the GOD ALMIGHTY
In His last Holy Book
In verse 32 of the chapter 5
He clearly says that
One who kills a human being
Is guilty of murdering
All the human community
And one who saves and protects
Life of a single human being
Is recognized as a savior of
All the human community
In the vision of GOD
In verse 70 0f the chapter 17
He tells about the dignity of human being
Indeed,He is the most merciful to us
(Tanwir Phool)