Sunday, 13 April 2008

God Exists or God Does Not Exist? Let's Find Out

By Tanwir Phool

Those who are in doubt about existence of GOD,an unseen GOD, should consider their own existence, before birth, birth, life in this world, death and after death. Our mortal eyes are not able to see everything.

For example,soul or spirit which can't be denied even by an atheist,then what about Creator of soul or spirit?

Can we create a thing just like our earth or even stop it from moving?

Can we control earth quake and the system of rain?

Can we prevent death forever?

Answers to these questions prove the existence of GOD ALMIGHTY Who can't be defined and understood with an example in this world.

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Anonymous said...

In his article "Earth 2.0 : Bad News For God" , Jeff Schweitzer has quoted verses from Genesis. For example one is quoted here stating that :
"So God created man in his own image ... " but the holy Qur'an says :
لیس کمثلہ شئ 42:11)
"There is none similar to Him(God)"
In the holy Qur'an the word "aa'lameen" exists which means " more than 2 worlds( there is no limitation on number of worlds)".
It is indicating that there is "kaa'inat" (universe). "And none knows the forces of your Lord but He."(74:31).
The Bible viz. old and new testaments are not 100% the same as revealed. It cannot be said that these are100% correct. On the other hand , it cannot be said that these are 100% wrong. One name of God is "Noor" ( the Greatest Light). He cannot be
seen with mortal eyes and He said to Moses (PBUH) , " You cannot see Me"( 7: 143).
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