Sunday, 13 April 2008

Whether We Can Read The Words of GOD ALMIGHTY or Not?

By Tanwir Phool

It is an interesting and important question whether we can read the Words of GOD ALMIGHTY or not? The last book of GOD is in His own words from A to Z. There may be differences in translations but the original text is one and the same in God's words. Previous books of GOD ALMIGHTY do not have their original text and at present only translations are available which may be compared/rectified with the help of the last book.

There is a misunderstanding that the last book is a writing of the prophet. It is not correct as this book has verses in which the prophet has been warned/cautioned. For example, the verses at the beginning of surah Abas (surah No.80) and verses 44 to 47 of surah Al-Ha'aqqah (surah No.69) in which the prophet has been cautioned on his act of ignoring and not responding a blind person. It has been said that if the prophet says anything according to his own will in this book, for which he has not been ordered by the GOD, he will be punished by catching his hand and cutting the jugular vein. It is obvious that no author can include such matter in his own book.

It is observed that where the GOD ALMIGHTY has said "qul"(Arabic word which means tell or say) to the prophet, this word has also been included in the last book which proves that there is no change/amendment in the Words of GOD ALMIGHTY. The last book certifies the previous books(Taurah, Psalm, Gospel, the book of Abraham and any other book revealed by the GOD ALMIGHTY) but clarifies that these books are not with their original text and have been changed/tampered with the passage of time as such they are not 100% correct. On the other hand they are not 100% wrong. The true teachings of all the prophets may be ascertained with the help of the last book of GOD ALMIGHTY which has only one text while the previous books have different version due to being translated/tampered by different persons and their original text is not available.(For another article,please click "older posts") also see "Interfaith poems."


Zaheer said...

The Holy Qur'aan says,"Al fitnatu
ashaddu minal qatl"(chapter 2,verse
191),which means "Oppression and
persecution are worse than murder".
It is shameless attitude that
against the Holy Qur'aan "Fitna"
(film) has been produced calling it "fitna" while it is totally against "fitna".It is a fact that the religion is one and the same from always.The Holy Qur'aan declares that Taurah,Gospel
and Psalms are also the books of God Almighty but they do not have their original text.The Holy Qur'aan has only one text while the previous books have different version due to being translated or
tempered by different persons with
the passage of time.This fact has been narrated in this article in a decent manner.

Mary said...

The observations of Zaheer as well as the author of this article are very important.

nizamig said...

Ma sha Alllah amazing work. May Allah shower His special blessing /////
well done.... be continued....